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An 8 Day Itinerary for Scandinavia


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The 8-Day Itinerary
Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway

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This 8-Day Scandinavia itinerary follows this outline:

Day 1: Arrival and half a day in Copenhagen
Day 2: Copenhagen
Day 3: Oslo
Day 4: Oslo to Bergen ("Norway in a Nutshell")
Day 5: Bergen to Alesund
Day 6: Alesund
Day 7: Stockholm
Day 8: Stockholm

My Motivation For This Trip Itinerary:

Ten years ago to this date, when I made a back-packing trip to the European mainland (covering Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain and other places), someone said to me, "So you’re not going to Scandinavia?". Their glowing description of the area set the seeds of curiosity for me to plan a back-packing tour of Scandinavia one day.

Since the best time to visit Scandinavia is late spring or early summer, I booked my flight tickets to travel to Scandinavia near the end of May.

Follow my 8 days in Scandinavia through this day-by-day itinerary...

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