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Visa Requirements in Norway

Do I need a visa for Norway?


Since Norway is part of the Schengen agreement, citizens of countries within the Schengen territory (especially EU citizens) do not have show their passports to enter Norway and do not need a visa. However, they will be expected to show official documents that will establish their identity satisfactorily. They are, therefore, advised to bring either their passports or national identity cards.

For citizens of the United States, a tourist visa is not required for a stay of up to 90 days, but you will need a valid passport for visa-free travel to Norway.

A valid passport and visa are necessary for citizens of countries that are not part of the Schengen agreement, such as many African countries like Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sudan, among many others. The general rule is that for these citizens, a visitor's visa can be issued for family visits, tourist travel, business travel, official assignment, study or for any other business. Such a visa is valid for a maximum of three months.

To get a Norway tourist visa for those planning a trip to the country, there are certain requirements. One must check if the current passport is valid. Each traveler will require a passport that is valid for not less than 90 days following the departure date from Norway. It is, however, strongly recommended that visitors travel with passports with a validity of at least 6 months into the future, at all times.

In addition, the visas section of the passport should have at least two free pages prior to any international travel. This is because most destinations, including Norway, need adequate unused pages to accommodate any necessary stamps upon departure and arrival. Citizens of the United States can have their passports added several pages within a period of 24 hours.

The final requirement is to confirm whether a transit visa will be required for any connecting flights. Visitors are advised to check with their airlines in case the journey to Norway has connecting flights overseas. Some countries that one passes through on the way to the country may ask for a separate transit visa.

To visit relatives or friends in Norway for a term longer than a vacation, an informal invitation letter from them is required. In addition, Form GP 7018B/E must be filled and signed by the host and approved by the local police in Norway. The traveler must also sign the form and submit the original copy together with the application. The name, address and a copy of the host's passport must also be presented. If the applicant is less than 18 years old, both parents, or custodian must sign the application. When submitting the application, the original birth certificate must be shown, with both parents and guardians being present when the signing is taking place.

For advice that applies to your situation, contact a Norwegian embassy near you.

If you want to work in Norway, you'll need a work permit unless you are a EU citizen. To qualify for a Norway work permit as a skilled worker, the applicant must have vocational training, college or university education, or other special expertise. One also must possess a confirmed employment offer from a Norwegian company. A work permit can also be obtained without an employment offer. A work permit for skilled job seeker enables one to live in the country for six months while looking for employment. Once the applicant has found a job, they will then have to apply for a skilled worker work visa. The qualifications for this visa are the same as those of a skilled worker permit.

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