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Readers Respond: The Best Cities in Sweden?

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From the article: The Best Cities in Sweden
There are many popular cities in Sweden but every traveler has a different taste. Tell us which city gets your vote for being the best! What's the best city in Sweden in your opinion? What's Your Favorite?

Best city

Me and my cousin loved swedens 5th largest city linkoping. So lovely!
—Guest Kendra and Gustav

Lovely town

I really like Norrkoping, and Vikbolandet :) becouse on Vikbolandet you can do a lot of things that`s really diffrent like you can see turkeys and much more ...
—Guest anonym ;)

Perfect city

I love Uppsala. It is not to big and not to small. It's population is very kind and it has many night clubs. It has the biggest church in Northern Europe and a beautiful river running through it. It have a big market place in Vaksala Torg and there are farmers markets near the Central Station. Stay away from Gottsunda and Sävja however since these places are a bit "worse" and more dangerous than the rest of Uppsala. Both of them have lovely nature though and Carl Linnaeus lived near Sävja and there are many trails that he walked on a lot.
—Guest Simon

A small town

Nora, in Örebro county (or in Bergslagen area), is one of many smaller towns in Sweden, filled with historical buildings, local shops and cozy coffee shops. If you manage to find the local tourist office you'll discover there's many things to do and see in and around Nora. While you're at it, don't forget to get yourself a souvenir in the form of the blue stone only found in Bergslagen: "Bergslagssten".
—Guest The swede

my favorite Swedish city

I really like Uppsala, it's a nice trip idea for an afternoon to go there from Stockholm.
—Guest Agneta

What's Your Favorite?

The Best Cities in Sweden?

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